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SWIZZ GOLD is one of the best and most trustworthy gold buying companies in India. Our head office is located in Bengaluru . Our 15-year experience has made stand out from others in this market.

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We buy Gold at Highest price in market.
We release your pledged gold by paying your dues.

Swizz Gold is the only Gold Buyers in Bangalore who buy gold at online market price without charging any hidden charges or any service charges  from the customers .

We also release your pledged Gold from any lenders, NBFC’s, Banks, Pawn brokers, etc. We pay your complete releasing amount and release your gold from the lenders then we apprise it in our branch any pay you the difference amount.

Swizz Gold was the first company to give doors step service for gold selling in Bangalore. We dont have any additional charges for a door step service. We also provide cab facility if a customer wants to visit our branch to sell the gold in Bangalore.

Our Company

Fast Growing Gold Company

More than 700+ doorstep service has been completed with 4.5+ rating. The reason why our customers only choose us when they want to sell gold is because we don’t have any additional charges we dont have any service charges for our door step service and do have free cab facility if you want to sell more than 50Gms of your Gold.

Why to choose Swizz Gold

We Committed to Quality

Swizz Gold is all about the quality in service and customer experience.

Purity testing

We have a high tech German technology XRF Gold purity testing machines to get highest accuracy of your gold purity.

Best in class

Through this technology we get the most accurate % of your gold.

No loss your your gold weight.

With the help of XRF Machines you won't loose the weight of your Gold unlike the acid testing method.

Complete transparency

We encourage transparency in business, all the purity testing and weight checking will be done with complete transparency.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make sure everyone gets their complete value on their GOLD.

Swizz Gold is the one of the best gold buying company

Swizz Gold provides you with the best experience of selling gold your with us. With over 10000+ happy customers having 100% transparency in the process, we are the best gold buyers in the market. We have no compromises when it comes to satisfying the customer. We have the latest German technology XRF machines which can check the weight and purity of gold at the highest accuracy. The cleaning technology is used to clear any impurities or dust that can affect the weight of gold.  

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